Frédéric Ebami
Born on July 17th 1976

A naturally gifted but humble and free spirited graphist with an aesthete heart.

I lose myself in music in search of creativity in its purest form's in order to use the harmony when creating images.
Art is my Oxygen I have submerged myself in the cultures of Douala,Paris, New York, Beijing and Oxford and from these places and the people within I take my inspiration.

I draw, I paint, I create.
To keep myself from going crazy!!
Welcome To my world ...
I'm a mix of Warhol, Liechstenstein & Banksy. Follow me on a journey to my universe.
Collective text, collaboration affiliation ...
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Collective Exhibition with Fred Ebami, Mambo, Dtone Jean Marie Compper, Antoine Paris
xhibition at Seven Gallery February 3-28
Expo "Singing possible" with spoken words artist Captaine Alexandre
Exhibition at Seven Gallery March, 2014

Illustration couleur
Illustration noir et blanc
Illustration expérimental
Photo et slogan
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