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Collective Exhibition with Fred Ebami, Mambo, Dtone Jean Marie Compper, Antoine Paris
xhibition at Seven Gallery February 3-28
Expo "Singing possible" with spoken words artist Captaine Alexandre
Exhibition at Seven Gallery March, 2014
Alien Nation: A mix of colors and derision that awakens the spirits
Exhibition at Seven Gallery July 4-27
A color palette, shock phrases and original performances await visitors of the exhibition "Alien Nation" french-cameroonian Fred Ebami of 4 to 27 July 2013
Play I am yours 2013. Pianos in Paris
Expo Cultural Center Jo Burg 2011
Style & Fashion Expo with Dtone
Exhibition at Seven Gallery May 22, 2012
Biennale of Contemporary Art 2012
Dakar, invited by Wakh Art

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